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Unlock the Premium version to get the highest quality audio transcription powered by Open AI Whisper, Unlimited Audio recording time, and full access to Chat GPT, both v3.5 and 4. These models allow more note text to be used as part of your Chat GPT Query.  Use Chat GPT to summarize a note, create outlines... or just ask it a question to help come up with some ideas during a meeting. The possibilities are truly endless!








By comparison, a monthly subscription to Open AI Chat GPT to get access to GPT-4 is $20/m.


We believe most people don't need to use Chat GPT-4 that often hence we think our pricing is fairer for day-to-day usage.  You can use Chat GPT as much as you like through our app, so for those of you who really want to use it a lot we offer quite a good deal we think. Most importantly your subscription helps us to keep developing the app. Thank You!


You will be directed to a Stripe payment page when you click one of the Purchase options above.

Once you have purchased the Premium version go back to the app to activate. 
Click 'Unlock' in Settings and enter the email address you used to purchase on Stripe. This will unlock all the Premium functionality.


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